Health Benefits of Lemon Water

In summers, what’s better than having a cold glass of lemon water and beating the heat? But what if you get to know that this lemon water aka lemonade is not only consumed for refreshment but also it has many benefits that it provides to your body without you even noticing.

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Start your day with a glass of lemon water. Before you even have breakfast, this lemon water you just took before your breakfast will help digest your meal better. If you don’t prefer cold lemon water go for drinking warm lemon water. Warm lemon water is better helping in digestion as it helps in the secretion of more “gastric juice” in the stomach, helping in better digestion.

This is due to the presence of citric acid in the lemon. The liver performs a very major function. Drinking lemon water will make the liver work better and making more “enzymes”, for the breakdown. Not only this but it also helps the liver to be cleansed by the release of “toxins”. Lemon has an “anti-inflammatory” function which makes it helpful for people with tonsils. Constipation problems can be prevented by drinking lemon water as it regulates our bowel movements.

Due to the high potassium content, it can help release tension and yes anxiety too. Lemon can also cleanse the blood. Other problems such as high blood pressure can also be adjusted by the consumption of lemon water daily. Also when suffering from “heart burns”, drink some lemon water and notice an instant difference after it.