How To Make Your Business A Success

The world is full of people creating new businesses and startups every day. In the US alone there are many Islamic businesses cropping up every day. Chicago alone has over 60 stores that sell Halal meat, which is a huge number.

This is a million dollar industry, and it needs to be taken advantage of. When you are a part of a Muslim entrepreneur network, it’ll help you stay in line. You need to stick to certain courtesies and ethics so that you don’t tarnish the name of the actual decent entrepreneurs out there.

For one, you need to make sure that your goal isn’t focused primarily on profit. Sure, it is fine that you want your company to do well. Focusing on the money first is never a recipe for success though. You should always focus on your customers and your service above all.

Be Honest And Open About Everything

One of the biggest canons in the Quran is to be honest during business transactions. The problem is that the majority of the Muslim entrepreneurs UK and the US have aren’t too concerned with honesty because they have let themselves be controlled by greed for profits instead. If you really want to be successful, you have to ensure that you are honest and open about everything you are doing, to your customers, employees and investors.

Be Open To Criticism

The only way in which you can grow as a person and as a business is to be open to people coming in and judging you. Sure, it might be a hard set of truths to hear, but you need to allow someone to come in and inspect your establishment for cleanliness and decency. If a customer comes in and makes inquiries or accusations, shut them down with courtesy, honesty and kindness. Nothing can be more disarming than a smile in the face of critics.