Tips for creating a butterfly heaven

The butterfly heaven is a great craft. The idea is inspired by simple household items that can bring out an inexpensive and an impressive decoration for your home décor. Follow the steps below to create a wonderful decoration piece in a quick and easy way.

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  • The materials you need to create butterfly heaven are little butterflies in various colors, hot glue gun and glue stick, green moss, twigs, wire cutters, chip board and glass jars.
  • Gather twigs for the project. Use twigs that have a lot of character. Now take some jars. You can use vases, candle jars, canning jars etc.
  • After you have selected your jars, remove labels if they have any and wash them thoroughly. Prefer using different sizes and shapes of jars to make it look more attractive.
  • Select the butterflies and arrange them on the twigs and glue them by using hot glue. Insert the butterfly twigs in the jar.
  • Now flip the jar upside down. Trace the bottom line of the jar on the piece of clip board.
  • Take green moss and adhere it to the circle by using hot glue. Mush the moss into the glue.
  • Use hot gun to run a line of glue around the rim of jar and quickly press the inverted moss circle on to the rim.
  • Turn it up right to settle the moss. Make sure that you use hot glue generously to stick the moss circle tightly to the rim. Your innovative piece is ready.